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Q: Does your fireplace use any sort of fuel?
A: No, our fireplaces are all electric, you just plug them in to a standard electric outlet and you are ready to go.

Q: Is it safe to put the fireplace directly against the wall? Is it safe to put on carpet or on top of a rug?
A: Yes, you can put them against any wall, in any room, and on any surface.

Q: Is it safe to move the fireplace to another location once it is assembled?
A: Yes, the fireplace, once assembled, is sturdy and is safe to move.

Q: How much does it cost to run?
A: Depending on the electric rates in your area it costs around $.03 - $.06 to run without heat and $.10 - $.13 with heat.

Q: How many watts/BTU’s does it give off any hour?
A: 4600 BTU’s

Q: How large of a room can my fireplace heat?
A: Approximately 400 square feet

Q: Is it possible to purchase your fireplaces without the heating element?
A: No, however all of our fireplaces have the functionality to operate with the heat on or off.

Q: How does the fireplace come when it is shipped to my home?
A: It will typically arrive in two boxes. One will contain the mantel and the other will contain the electric firebox.

Q: How do I turn my fireplace on or off?
A: Most of our fireplace’s come with a remote. The remote will allow you to turn the fireplace on or off, adjust the intensity of flame, and adjust the level of heat that the electric firebox will give off. There is also a covered control panel on the front of the unit that can be activated manually.

Q: What are your fireplaces made out of?
A: They are made from solid wood and the highest quality real wood veneers.

Q: What is the difference between the Builders Box and the Electric Insert?
A: The ClassicFlame builders box Built In Electric Fireplaces are designed to be professionally installed and hard wired into a buildings electrical system. These units support either a 120-volt service or a 240 volt service. This is different from our electric inserts which are made to go directly into our corresponding mantels. They cannot be wired directly; instead they simply plug into any standard 120 volt outlet.

Q: What sizes are your electric fireboxes offered in?
A: They come in 23”,28” and 33” sizes (please see spec sheet for exact dimensions). Our builder’s boxes come in 33”, 39”,45”, and 52” sizes.

Q: Does your fireplace need any venting or a chimney?
A: No, our fireplaces are all vent free and therefore there is no need for any chimney, any venting, any gas lines. There is no open flame, no mess or clean up.

Q: Do you need any permits to install your fireplaces?
A: No permits are required.

Q: Do your fireplaces give off any fumes or gases?
A: No, our fireplaces do not emit any fumes, any CO2, any smoke, any emissions, nor any pollutants.

Q: Does the glass front get hot?
A: No the glass front always remains cool and is perfectly safe.

Q: Is there much maintenance with your fireplaces??
A: The only maintenance required would be to change the standard 40 watt candelabra light bulb, which has a standard life of 2 years, if it burns out.

Q: Where can I find your products?
A: We are sold at many mass merchants such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco and Sam's club as well as fine furniture and specialty stores throughout the U.S. Also, you can use the dealer locator tool on this website to find the store(s) nearest you.

Q: Can I buy just the insert?
A: Most stores sell the mantel and insert together. We can refer you to a distributor, however, who can help you find just the insert

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